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Enclosed by UNESCO-protected colonial walls in a wonderful bubble of sunshine, music, food and architecture, Cartagena is quite difficult to beat as a destination. Wander slowly through tiny cobbled streets filled with stalls selling all manners of local handicrafts, past fruit carts containing every colour of the rainbow and cervicherias selling the local seafood delicacy in cardboard cups- and you know you are somewhere special. Saturated in hundreds of years of fascinating history and with some of the best beaches in the world just a stone`s throw away, you will be spoilt for choice with how to spend your days. …read more

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Our selection of deluxe villas and apartments are situated across Cartagena, and we aim to provide you with an indulgent experience to maximise your stay. Why choose a cramped hotel room when you can have your own private residence in a prime location with top-class amenities? Whether you are travelling with friends, family or partners, we have just the place for you.

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