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A hustling, bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis, Buenos Aires stands perfectly balanced on the line between Latin spirit and European style. It really does have something for everyone- from couples to families to groups of friends or colleagues, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this city before too long. Prepare yourself for a melting pot of the wealthy and well-dressed to the hippie and carefree, and of course for the abundance of tourists and ex-pats alike that mingle on these extensive linear streets. Filled with history and culture at every turn, Buenos Aires is a fascinating place to discover- whether on foot… read more

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Bright and spacious apartment with views of the British Embassy in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
in Buenos Aires
Since USD 400 from USD 3500
Ayres Terrace 23rd floor 2 bedroom QP6
2 bedrooms in Buenos Aires
Since USD 300 from USD 3500
Spectacular private rooftop with jacuzzi (PT4)
2 bedrooms in Buenos Aires
Since USD 200 from USD 3500
Spacious and luxurious two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
2 bedrooms in Buenos Aires
Since USD from USD 3500


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