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This is an all-year round paradise. Situated on a peninsula on the Mexican coast where the mountains and jungle meet the sea, Punta Mita is a tranquil fishing village complete with sparkling clear waters, white sands and wildlife. Dine out on some of the best seafood in existence, caught just hours before- from ceviche to fish tacos, from world-class restaurants to local stalls, the food will keep you coming back for more. With its coral reefs and underwater caves, the area is famous for scuba-diving and snorkelling, and there is a huge variety of wildlife to be seen. Watch the annual humpback whale…read more

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Latin Retreats has some of the most exclusive and luxurious properties in the area available to transform your stay in Punta Mita into an unforgettable experience. Why opt for a dull hotel room when you can choose between deluxe private apartments and beachfront villas with first-class facilities? Treat yourself today and let our dedicated service team organise your trip for you.

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MS1 - Punta Mita. Luxurious property within the Four Seasons grounds in Punta Mita
3 bedrooms in Punta Mita
Since USD from USD 3500
CM4 - Punta Mita
3 bedrooms in Punta Mita
Since USD 620 from USD 3500
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